This space I claim…

Here’s where I’ll dish on all the things digital that I would share/borrow/try-before-I-buy using the full unadulterated power of the internet- you know, if I was the sort of guy into pirated copyrighted materials.

Remember everyone, corporations are people too and deserve your respect!  Pirating is wrong.

jack sparrow or homeless drag queen

At least that’s what this guy told me before the rohypnol kicked in. God I miss him.

It turns out I live most of my life in the media I receive entirely through the internet through paid for, subscription based services, so why not write about it and maybe I’ll learn something about myself in the derivation.

Obviously from that last statement, the casual reader can tell I need to go back into therapy…oh casual reader [CR for short]: If only I could remember the field I last saw my therapist in, I’d go back.

creepy field

Therapy complete.


In the meantime if any net denizens stumble across this page in it’s embryonic stages and want some actual content, visit jquicy’s for a heaping helping of nostalgic gaming comedy.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get that acceptance letter to join boredgameblog’s writing crew but until that day [May 3rd, 2012] I’ll have to sharpen my quill here.

guy eating a saw

and here.


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