Format Wars: Sean Parker and Daniel Ek on Apple, Playlists and the End of the CD: The D10 Highlights (Video)

“The CD is dead and gone. The playlist is the new CD.”

link to video

Below is an excerpt from a recent post on the mysterious business model Spotify is using to rope artists in for pennies on the dollar by  Bob Lefsetz

Spotify Transparency

There is none.

In Singapore, I interviewed Ken Parks, majordomo of Spotify’s U.S. operation. I told him I would ask tough questions. That I had to, everybody already thinks I’m on the Spotify payroll, I just couldn’t let him do a commercial. He said this was all cool.

And then didn’t answer a single question I had, certainly not any that probed into the inner workings of the service. Not that I was interrogating him. But why exactly did you have to sign in with Facebook? Ken said everybody liked that, he got no complaints. He did admit that search was flawed. But I still can’t understand why it works so well in iTunes and so poorly in Spotify. If I don’t find something in Spotify, I change the search terms and suddenly whole albums appear. I’m not a techie, why does Apple do it so much better, is it really that hard, hell, Spotify’s been around for years. And then I brought up the obvious point, the one I’m inundated with, the small payments.

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