O|mg: Agni’s Philosphy – Square-Enix at 2012 E3

This is a tech demo from Square Enix called Agni’s Philosphy presneted at this year’s E3.  You all ready for next-gen gaming?  Graphics are ready.  Writers…well, let’s talk about that later.

Billed as a “Final Fantasy real-time tech demo,” this short film from Square Enix looks like a pre-rendered cut scene from one of its graphically splendorous role-playing games, but is in fact being rendered by a game engine called Luminous Studio. Square Enix said it represents its ambitions for the next generation of Final Fantasy games. “Agni” is the name of the magic-using main character shown in the video.
 “Luminous Studio is without a doubt an engine envisioned to create role-playing games like the Final Fantasy titles seen up until now,” said Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada to the Japanese magazine Famitsu. “But not just that, it’s also for high-action games which are unlike those RPGs.”
He said, however, that Square Enix is not currently creating a game using the new engine, saying that the game design teams will likely begin using it late this year or early next.

More over on Wired.com after the jump!


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