GoThrones: Dinklage on fans and success of show

“Just kidding. I’m fine!”


Tyrion isn’t dead and just got 3X more awesome with facial scarring [looks good on him!]  Now that the show’s second season is over, Peter Dinklage has taken the opportunity to make a statement.  He’s worried about fans’ inflated expectations getting in the way of a smart story.  Is he thinking too much or thinking just enough?  Credit to  Geoff Boucher, over on

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Bonus Round:

Oh, hey.  Here’s a question for you – Which is higher: the average viewer-share GoT, season 2 got per episode, or the average number of illegal downloads per episode?   The answer doesn’t surprise me.  It was the most downloaded show of the season.  Now only if HBO could monetize direct digital downloads!  Oh wait, they totally can but won’t.  Have fun losing market share, HBO, or simply get with the program and pioneer a direct digital download platform and ditch your antiquated premium-only strategy.  It ain’t working anymore.

Technology outpaced you over a decade ago.

Stop it!  Or not, whatever.


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