Oh how I love the internet!

“Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who contacted their MEPs, either directly or via email. It does make a difference – indeed, several politicians have admitted that it was the unprecedented scale and force of the protests that convinced them to take another look at ACTA, which otherwise would have passed without difficulty.”

-Glyn Moody, ComputerworldUK Writer

“ACTA contains some troublesome provisions for policy areas such as internet freedom and access to medicines. By regulating several policy areas in one document, ACTA enforces laws in an undesirable and dangerous way.”

-MEP & INTA Committee Member, Marietje Schaake

“The way is now paved for a quick and total rejection of ACTA by the European Parliament! With a political symbol of such a global scale, the way will be open for copyright to be reformed in a positive way, in order to encourage our cultural practices instead of blindly repressing them,”

-Jeremie Zimmermann, La Quadrature du Net


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