The Newsroom

“Not the best country.  But it can be.”

This show is absolutely brilliant. If you watched West Wing and loved it, and was a little confused about what happened to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (it tanked five episodes in), you’re going to get chills watching this show.  I think HBO’s got a news show I wouldn’t mind replacing all cable news shows with.  Aaron Sorkin is turning his attention to what’s wrong with infotainment and how dangerously misdirected its fans and viewers are and he’s taking no prisoners.

The last 45 seconds of the show was…so emotional.  I felt like singing –

But it was 2 am in a cramped loft with neighbors nearby and I came to my senses.

A must watch to anyone that’s actually been in a newsroom and knows what shennanigans take place to make the news entertaining, light and easily digestible; in other words fluff.  A must-watch for those reasoned individuals that are sick and tired of being stupid, happy and catered to.  It’s an invitation to get informed and concerned.  It’s just a show, I know.  But it makes me want to believe that on some level, people are bored with nonsense sports commentary, panty-shots and Kardashians masquerading as news.

I know what it looks like for a human to catch, throw, kick or run with a ball.  I don’t care who does it best.  [Next.]

I know where I can get panty-shots.  Don’t try to scandalize me in the checkout aisle, I can do it myself anytime. [Next.]

Go to hell, Kardashians. [Full stop.]

My god, if I hear another group of grown men talking about how well adults can or cannot play a children’s recreational game, I’ll go mental.

What am I, the crazy one?

What the fuck are you still doing here?  Go watch this show.

…or I’ll send my newsroom after your ass.  The one sitting on the floor bites.


2 thoughts on “The Newsroom

  1. You scooped me! But, that’s okay; I’ll write about something else. Did you want to fuck anybody in this show? I sure did. HOW ‘BOUT THEM RANGERS!? Here’s the draft I’ve had laying around for like two days:

    Newsroom is a new hour long drama starring Jeff Daniels(Dumb and Dumber). I like the way everyone is always yelling and screaming and talking fast. I wish there was more sex, violence, and fire.

    i want to fuck Emily Mortimer and Alison Pill repeatedly. In all fairness I’ve wanted to fuck Alison Pill ever since I first saw heer on The New Ghostwriter Mysteries on PBS back in the late 90’s. Don’t judge me!

    Olivia Munn ans Sam Waterson are also on this show, but DON’T HOLD THAT AGAINST IT!

  2. Allison Pill looks like the red head from Six Feet Under passed through a defective Star Trek transporter. I like the douche EP, but hate his character. Honestly, I don’t think the show is sexy but that’s good.

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