Rangers beat Athletics 7-2

Your Texas Rangers(they’re a baseball team, cyan) won their game against the Oakland Athletics Saturday night.  Leading the entire league in number of wins and with a record 7 players headed to the All-Star Game, some people are finally giving them the credit they’ve deserved.

Now, I think we’re all going to like the new format here.  You see we hrer at ITT have decided to just sell out completely, wholesale.  Which is why, we’d like to remind you; that because the Rangers scored 7 runs last night, you can get 50 % off of your order from papajohns.com usigng coupon code RANGERS7.  Papa John’s, the official pizza of your Texas Rangers.

And in other news(i know who cares, right?):

This new show called

Hit and Miss

just aired their season 1  finale.  It’s a BBC show starring Chloë Sevigny,

who I would really really like to have sex with, even though she plays a preoperative male-to-female transsexual working as a hitman.  Does that make me like gay or something?  IDK

The story kicks off when she  gets a letter from a dead exlover explaining that she’d fathered a now 11 yo son. She finds that there is a place for her helping her kid, and his siblings, and decides to get involved.  What could go wrong?

it’s a drama not a comedy but i find it funnier and i laugh more often than i would at most comedies. there’s lots of violence and misery. i wish it had more sex and fire.


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