Good God Y’all

So i figure that for the fourth of july I’d just go ahead and go america, all over everybody’s ass (see it’s an alusion to the first season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  bonus points if you knew that before I told you.)

Good God is apparently the sequal to Good Dog which i have yet to watch.  Written by, directed by, and starring Ken Finkleman, neurotic old Canadian Jew that talks too fucking much.  The series is about a neurotic old Jews that talks too fucking much, big stretch I know.  In the tradition of neurotic old Jews that talk too fucking much such as Seinfeld, Laryy Sanders, Rodney Dangerfield, Woody Allen and a shitload of others too numerous to list comes a uniquely canadian spin on slice of life shit from a Canadian born in Winnipeg, a place so boring that he couldn’t even to slice of life from his own reality but had to invent one, from a man best known for his work on Airplane 2, we get a story about a self-centred and unsympathetic television producer, who has returned to television news as the new head of Right News, a conservative cable news channel, described in the series as “Fox North” by many of the characters.

Fans of The Daily Show might be interested to know that Sam Bee has a role in this one as an ultra-conservative Christian morning talk show host.  I, however, don’t give a fuck.

If I were to suggest one episode in particular I’d go with #7 S01E07 where our antihero of sorts decides to get fired and finds the perfect opportunity when told to “go big” on coverage of a cops funeral.  He gets a reasearcher and an editor together and tells them to put together a montage of vivid imagary including but not limited to:

  • the funeral parade,
  • Ugandan guys in sunglasses,
  • white cops in riot gear advancing,
  • Nazis,
  • the wife of the dead cop crying,
  • torture scenes,
  • African guys with spears and shields attacking white people,
  • anything Zulu,
  • cops firing tear gas,
  • Elton John playing candle in the wind (english rose),
  •  more epic violence,
  • Africans with machetes
  • hysteric looking,
  • non-christian,
  • cops with hands over their hearts,
  • burning cop cars,
  • various scenes from Triumph of the Will esp the one where they form the swastica with the marching with torches,
  • our cops boots contrasted with nazi marching boots,
  • any black guys taken down by cops,
  • the US flag burning,
  • Cops in uniform,
  • the beating of African drums,
  • Jesus on the cross,
  • cop cars careening,
  • cars crashing,
  • a giant cocaine bust.

Then, he ends the assignment with one of my new favorite phrases:

“And if you think you’re going over the top, keep going.”


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