It’s been long enough!

We here at ITT feel like it’s been long enough; We will remain silent no more.  Every year there is another stupid summer blockbuster.  We all know which movie will be breaking all of the records before it’s even released.  Because despite all of the media hype about how twitter and social media and word of mouth are revolutionizing the way information gets around, and despite claims that we many losers who wait for good copies to download without consent of the industry, the business is still completely driven by advertising.  Every summer our dumbass friends go to see dumbass movies at the dumbass theatre that charges $10+ per head not to mention snacks and drinks hell they evern charge too much for water.  Every year we hear complaints about the lines and the crowds and difficulty finding a good seat, or any seat for that matter.  We are sick of hearing about it people.

Anyone that shows up to opening weekend deserves whatever tragic experience they encounter.

It’s just that simple. on a completely unrelated note, we’d like to ask that you help us with an open source petition.  We need open source hardware out in the streets y’all.

Let Rick Perry know how you feel.

IDK why people go to see Batman anyway.  It’s already on youtube:


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