The Guberment’s wann take way ur internets!

CYANLIANAS is on mars or something.  So, it has befallen me the great duty to remind you all that the great Satan and card carrying socialist is trying to steal your internet and run it through the central firewall down at the polit bureau.  Or something like that.

Remember PIPA, ACTA, SOPA, and other weird political things with four-letter acronyms?   well here’s some stuff from the email google sent:

Starting December 3, the world’s governments will meet behind closed doors to discuss the future of the internet. Some governments want to use this meeting to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.

Learn more about what’s at stake at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU):

A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. And a free and open Internet depends on you.

IDK what they’re gonna come up with next, five-letter acronyms?  six? seven?  dood we’ve gotta get up on this.  You see that IDL logo on the left?  thats not just some bullshit we put up because it looks cool…. okay maybe that was part of why we put that there but ummm…

It seems that anytime anyone tries to take a reasonable stance on the issue of copyright and how it’s original intent has been distorted by corporate interests, it gets buried.

Anyway, expect to continue to see lots more posts and annoying ass spam on your facebook and shit as this whole thing progresses all over again.  The Illuminati don’t take the holidays off from oppressing us, so, we don’t take them off to stop bitching about it.

WOOT! wOOT! PRRrrrrr #freeandopen


Incoming: Megabox

Concept art for Megabox sent through @KimDotcom’s twitter feed on 06/21/2012.

Way back in December of 2011, Megaupload founder, admitted embezzeler and insider trading enthusiast, Kim Schmitz, aka Kim Dotcom [legally changed in 2005], announced a streaming music service called Megabox.  It was going to be “a cloud-based music locker, download store, and do-it-yourself artist service.”  The idea was to put artists first, consumers second and distribution third on scales of importance.

Not a terrible idea in my opinion.

Well, if you don’t know already: Megabox stalled when New Zealand authorities [in cooperation with the U.S.] raided his home and placed him in custody under the charges of criminal copyright infringement in relation to his Megaupload Web site.  Back in February, he was released on bond but restricted to the 80km around his palatial estate [“Whaah, I can’t go 50 miles away from my PALATIAL estate!”]  His wikipedia page says that he was also barred from using the internet, but obviously that’s been rescinded.  He’s launched a new twitter account.

Although I do have misgivings about the dude after reading the details of  his misadventures in business [and that’s coming from a guy with a subversive website.]  I’m all about shaking up status quo, but this character’s a major…entrepreneur and I’m just wondering if file-sharing is his latest…hobby topic.   Yes.  That’s what we’ll call it.  Regardless, he’s got a great idea and I’ve always been an idea guy and will be there opening service day.

Read more over at torrentfreak who broke this story earlier today!

Defend your Castle: ACTA and why it’s bad.

“The intended benefits of this international agreement are far outweighed by the potential threats to civil liberties.”

-British MEP David Martin

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a multinational treaty that will establish an international standard for intellectual property rights enforcement. The agreement aims to establish an international legal framework for targeting counterfeit goods, generic medicines and copyright infringement on the Internet, and would create a new governing body outside of existing forums, such as the World Trade Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, or the United Nations.

Why it’s bad –

This is a policy that has global implications [fine, everything has global implications these days].  It will set precedents and establish protocols that other countries will use to change their current standards of property rights enforcement [Ok, so it has the weight to effect how I use the internet.  I’m listening].  It’s being crafted behind closed doors with private monopolizing interests and its drafters consistently deny public access for commentary or critique [DANGER!].  If approved by INTA, the International Trade committee appointed to research the treaty and respond to Parliament, it will be a huge factor influencing Parliament’s final decision on July 5th.   INTA is scheduled to report it’s decision this thursday, June 21st 2012.

Who has INTA’s ear now during this important process? All negotiations thus far have been in private.  It’s got a lot of Europeans worried about the future of the internet and freedom of expression as law enforcement becomes the responsibility of private companies with little capacity to maintain a consistent sense of “public good.”

Now let’s put this all together, keeping in mind the U.S. is for this treaty (remember when it was called SOPA over here?)  SOPA was defeated primarily through a motivated and well organized citizen protest of letters, phone-calls to law-makers and Facebook updates to ignorant family and friends.  The corporate interest groups that created SOPA then hopped on a boat and went overseas to work its magic on Parliament.

“ACTA is a strategically insane proposal [to] create a binding legal obligation on the USA to require the US authorities to encourage the domain name registries, search engines, payment providers and other companies based there to undertake privatised enforcement measures.”

-Joe McNamee of the European Digital Rights initiative (EDRi)

ACTA can be passed without any form of public debate and will affect every internet user at some point.  Doesn’t that make you angry?    Will a corporation guarantee you due process if accused of file-sharing?


What if one of their corporate arms is steadily losing revenue from file-sharing and would greatly benefit from making an example out of you and your friends and family?

Where’s your due process now?  These are just hypothetical glimpses of what futures ACTA will be a part of if approved.

Read this article over on torrentfreak by Rick Falkvinge to get involved.  It’s a global issue.  Your opinion counts just as much as any Europeans’.

Stop the nonsense.

My first music purchase in over a decade. Wha-?!

I’m not a monster.  I have a heart…and a brain. [Big reveal.]  Life and Music (at least the popular versions of both) have sucked for as far back as I can remember.  Like, way back to when this was all there was to look at.


I can fall asleep at my keyboard describing to you in detail what’s wrong with you if you’ve enjoyed the millenium in music so far; go buy some Nickelback tickets for chrisakes.

“Douche-chills” comes to mind.

Sure I’ve marveled at the spectacle of acts like Lady Gaga and even tapped my feet to a Beyonce remix.

They kick you out of the gay bar if you don’t do exactly this every time “All the Single Ladies” plays.

But nothing’s gotten through my shell; nothing’s charmed me to the point where my lizard brain stops the auto-torrent command signal  by order of the higher ape brain and instead checks on a legit digital download.  That is, until yesterday.  I’m thinking it may be an embolism thing, but arterial blood-flow be damned.  I spent $6 on a fucking Pomplamoose download!  The video is charming…or dark magic.

If the image above is moving, get out of the house now!

Oh, hey!  Since yesterday (when this entry was just a wee draft) Pomplamoose released a new single!

Link to the free mp3 here.

Format Wars: Sean Parker and Daniel Ek on Apple, Playlists and the End of the CD: The D10 Highlights (Video)

“The CD is dead and gone. The playlist is the new CD.”

link to video

Below is an excerpt from a recent post on the mysterious business model Spotify is using to rope artists in for pennies on the dollar by  Bob Lefsetz

Spotify Transparency

There is none.

In Singapore, I interviewed Ken Parks, majordomo of Spotify’s U.S. operation. I told him I would ask tough questions. That I had to, everybody already thinks I’m on the Spotify payroll, I just couldn’t let him do a commercial. He said this was all cool.

And then didn’t answer a single question I had, certainly not any that probed into the inner workings of the service. Not that I was interrogating him. But why exactly did you have to sign in with Facebook? Ken said everybody liked that, he got no complaints. He did admit that search was flawed. But I still can’t understand why it works so well in iTunes and so poorly in Spotify. If I don’t find something in Spotify, I change the search terms and suddenly whole albums appear. I’m not a techie, why does Apple do it so much better, is it really that hard, hell, Spotify’s been around for years. And then I brought up the obvious point, the one I’m inundated with, the small payments.

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