Cop Shows

First off, the three best cop shows of note happen to be quite recent. They are:

#1 The Wire (2002–2008)

if you haven’t watched it, why?

#2 The Shadow Line (2011– )

tough getting through the first episode.  but it really pays off after that.  all kinds of twists and turns and shit.  kind of like Lost but like better and realer.  a real thriller.  Must see.

#3 Southland (2009– )

gritty.  corrupt.  no one case per episode tied nicely in a little bow.

But, there are others, obviously. Lots of them suck. Most have three to four letter acronyms in their titles.

NTSF:SD:SUV (2011– )

pokes fun at them on adult swim but it’s pretty hard to parody something that is already a parody of itself.

There are a few newcomers this season, including:

Copper (2012– )

This season’s absolutely must watch can’t miss.  If you only have time for one show this would defiantly be a great choice.

The Bletchley Circle (2012– )

This is the shit right here.  these british bitches be all like getting on this case of this serial murder raper on their own they’re not even cops or anything cause their lives seem boring after years of service during the war.  doods will like the violence and the scary and chicks will love the period costumes.  bitches love period costumes.  I like the fuck out of this!

Elementary (2012– )

kind of sucks but i still watch it anyway.  Elementary and Sherlock on the BBC and Sherlock Holmes movies all have big problems with compliance to the source material. holmes ain’t holmes w/o his cocaine. and if there ain’t no gay closeted bullshit between holmes and watson there ain’t no story.



So after six weeks of absence I’m back. got a lot of lists for posts started up but just haven’t gotten around to posting with like words and stuff.  Coffee has changed my perspective slightly. You know sometimes you try to strike up a conversation with strangers in public and shit just doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped.  I’m not sure if no one understands me because I’m fucked up or because they’re fucked up or if the whole society as a whole is the culprit.  Thought I’d throw some titles about it out here right quick.

ReGeneration (2010)

I am too awash in ennui to write anything.

Pink Ribbons, Inc. (2011)  We know almost nothing about cancer in general.  Cancer is a lot more complicated than people would like to think.  even detecting breast cancer and treating it may very well be shortening the lives of women as a whole, but is certainly shortening the lives of individuals in the population, which isn’t to say you shouldn’t get a mamogram, but is to say that life can’t be boiled down into a 30 second sound bite.  No one knows where ‘the cure’ will come from.  But, We do know that buying pink crap, and walking en mas will not help.

One Way to Valhalla (2009)

why do we live the lives that we do?  eating the same boring food.  taking the same drugs.  buing the same crap, that we just throw away.  days turn into decades.  still, the same meaningless goals take priority over our lives.  Then one day, BAM! head injury.

99 francs (2007)

Ahhhhh… cynical surrealism, how you comfort me so.

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (1992)

The far right and the far left have so much more in common than most people would admit.

Yo  holler back!  Have you been watching anything?  Or, just drawing and writing?  Somebody write a comment about this!  Recommend further watching and books and articles and shit.

Like sands in an hourglass! A blast from the past?


It’s been weeks since I’ve posted thanks to a busy summer schedule that included a move as well as a return to an old creative team that recently rediscovered how much fun writing together can be.  After nearly eight years of solitary tinkering with ideas and re-imagining the basic plot of a fun space-opera developed for wont of frat parties in college, most of the old crew have re-emerged from their life-travels with…experience!

You see, one of my writing partners from college had a short story published a few years back and I had been meaning to check it out, but if you knew how many moves, job changes and shadowfades I’ve accomplished in the last eight years, you’d begin to understand the backlog I’ve created.  It is staggering until you forget.  Thank the maker I sat down and read that short story back in May.  My enthusiasm for the story, which shared elements and nuances of the original work from back in the day, prompted me to get everyone back together for a weekend.  Within an hour of arrival, we knew we had something in the way of a re-write/reboot of the college space opera!

That weekend rekindled the passion for ideacraft that made everything seem possible and accessible back in those days.  Yes adulthood has been very much all about the pragmatic and I get it, but creativity and pragmatism are their own biggest competitor.  I’ve spent nearly the last decade honing my pragmatism to a “sufficiently practical” blade that manages to cut through most of the nonsense.  I think it’s about time new pragmatism meets old creativity and assist with some power-leveling.

Keep an eye out for more postings as summer wears itself out and my schedule re-settles.  Also, TV got real depressing didn’t it?  I mean, a whole televised event that goes on for millenia showcasing physical prowess to medal the best of the best on the planet at the most non-essential of tasks?  You couldn’t pay me to watch synchronized swimming, commercials, diving, ping pong, commercials, Guitar Hero, Luge, Hopscotch, spin-around-real-fast-and-throw-a-rock, or anything else shown on the [commercials] Olympics.  Olympic fever my ass!  Summer replacement shows are typically terrible, but every four years they get so much worse.

Check out Iron Sun Fiction Forge [commercial] on Facebook to get an idea of the writing group I mentioned!  Like us on Facebook or we will synchronize dive off of a Luge and perform some really beautifully choreographed pool dances!  

Hmm, that sounded way more bad-ass in my head.

Synchronized Swimming?  It is literally a Brittney Spears music video with water resistance.

A History of Art in Three Colours

So hey, This guy, James Fox talks for 3 hours straight about art. Three episodes, three, colors: White, Gold, and Blue. There are lots of really pretty shots of priceless art and some brit going on and on in a soothing voice. It’s these documenaries that mak me want to get my new computer so that i can catch up with the rest of the world and dl stuff in full HD. I mean i can tots dl them but watching gets all choppy and shit. SD, I’m always at least a few years behind but it does make for cheap buys when i try to catch up.



Scary Movie meets Donnie Darko

i liked it.  An interesting little commentary on modern film and culture is riddled with lots of pop culture references that you won’t get unless you’re fucking 30.  A sardonic horror/comedy features time travel, teen angst, and lots of stupid costuming from the 90’s.  Dane Cook plays a supporting role, but don’t let that discourage you from watching.  I also recognized a poker player and a porn star doing cameo roles.

It’s been long enough!

We here at ITT feel like it’s been long enough; We will remain silent no more.  Every year there is another stupid summer blockbuster.  We all know which movie will be breaking all of the records before it’s even released.  Because despite all of the media hype about how twitter and social media and word of mouth are revolutionizing the way information gets around, and despite claims that we many losers who wait for good copies to download without consent of the industry, the business is still completely driven by advertising.  Every summer our dumbass friends go to see dumbass movies at the dumbass theatre that charges $10+ per head not to mention snacks and drinks hell they evern charge too much for water.  Every year we hear complaints about the lines and the crowds and difficulty finding a good seat, or any seat for that matter.  We are sick of hearing about it people.

Anyone that shows up to opening weekend deserves whatever tragic experience they encounter.

It’s just that simple. on a completely unrelated note, we’d like to ask that you help us with an open source petition.  We need open source hardware out in the streets y’all.

Let Rick Perry know how you feel.

IDK why people go to see Batman anyway.  It’s already on youtube: