Like sands in an hourglass! A blast from the past?


It’s been weeks since I’ve posted thanks to a busy summer schedule that included a move as well as a return to an old creative team that recently rediscovered how much fun writing together can be.  After nearly eight years of solitary tinkering with ideas and re-imagining the basic plot of a fun space-opera developed for wont of frat parties in college, most of the old crew have re-emerged from their life-travels with…experience!

You see, one of my writing partners from college had a short story published a few years back and I had been meaning to check it out, but if you knew how many moves, job changes and shadowfades I’ve accomplished in the last eight years, you’d begin to understand the backlog I’ve created.  It is staggering until you forget.  Thank the maker I sat down and read that short story back in May.  My enthusiasm for the story, which shared elements and nuances of the original work from back in the day, prompted me to get everyone back together for a weekend.  Within an hour of arrival, we knew we had something in the way of a re-write/reboot of the college space opera!

That weekend rekindled the passion for ideacraft that made everything seem possible and accessible back in those days.  Yes adulthood has been very much all about the pragmatic and I get it, but creativity and pragmatism are their own biggest competitor.  I’ve spent nearly the last decade honing my pragmatism to a “sufficiently practical” blade that manages to cut through most of the nonsense.  I think it’s about time new pragmatism meets old creativity and assist with some power-leveling.

Keep an eye out for more postings as summer wears itself out and my schedule re-settles.  Also, TV got real depressing didn’t it?  I mean, a whole televised event that goes on for millenia showcasing physical prowess to medal the best of the best on the planet at the most non-essential of tasks?  You couldn’t pay me to watch synchronized swimming, commercials, diving, ping pong, commercials, Guitar Hero, Luge, Hopscotch, spin-around-real-fast-and-throw-a-rock, or anything else shown on the [commercials] Olympics.  Olympic fever my ass!  Summer replacement shows are typically terrible, but every four years they get so much worse.

Check out Iron Sun Fiction Forge [commercial] on Facebook to get an idea of the writing group I mentioned!  Like us on Facebook or we will synchronize dive off of a Luge and perform some really beautifully choreographed pool dances!  

Hmm, that sounded way more bad-ass in my head.

Synchronized Swimming?  It is literally a Brittney Spears music video with water resistance.

A History of Art in Three Colours

So hey, This guy, James Fox talks for 3 hours straight about art. Three episodes, three, colors: White, Gold, and Blue. There are lots of really pretty shots of priceless art and some brit going on and on in a soothing voice. It’s these documenaries that mak me want to get my new computer so that i can catch up with the rest of the world and dl stuff in full HD. I mean i can tots dl them but watching gets all choppy and shit. SD, I’m always at least a few years behind but it does make for cheap buys when i try to catch up.



Scary Movie meets Donnie Darko

i liked it.  An interesting little commentary on modern film and culture is riddled with lots of pop culture references that you won’t get unless you’re fucking 30.  A sardonic horror/comedy features time travel, teen angst, and lots of stupid costuming from the 90’s.  Dane Cook plays a supporting role, but don’t let that discourage you from watching.  I also recognized a poker player and a porn star doing cameo roles.

It’s been long enough!

We here at ITT feel like it’s been long enough; We will remain silent no more.  Every year there is another stupid summer blockbuster.  We all know which movie will be breaking all of the records before it’s even released.  Because despite all of the media hype about how twitter and social media and word of mouth are revolutionizing the way information gets around, and despite claims that we many losers who wait for good copies to download without consent of the industry, the business is still completely driven by advertising.  Every summer our dumbass friends go to see dumbass movies at the dumbass theatre that charges $10+ per head not to mention snacks and drinks hell they evern charge too much for water.  Every year we hear complaints about the lines and the crowds and difficulty finding a good seat, or any seat for that matter.  We are sick of hearing about it people.

Anyone that shows up to opening weekend deserves whatever tragic experience they encounter.

It’s just that simple. on a completely unrelated note, we’d like to ask that you help us with an open source petition.  We need open source hardware out in the streets y’all.

Let Rick Perry know how you feel.

IDK why people go to see Batman anyway.  It’s already on youtube:

Incoming: Sci-Fi series ‘Incursion’ on Starz

Almost Perfection.

First: Battlestar Galactica (the 2004-09 remake) has to be the best show of the century so far.  I know, you thought I was going to say it was Viva Laughlin.  That was the best show of the Millenium!

But seriously, strike the sing-song, so-so ending BSG had due to Ronald D. Moore’s sudden love of giant mysteries and Bob Dillon (as opposed to character-driven stories) in the big season three reveal, and you have a science fiction work of art that diverges so far from the original material, you might as well call it something else.  I’m thinking “Battlecar Orgasmatica,” but when am I not?  As the final notes of Bear McCreary’s Dillon-tribute, “All Along the Watchtower” faded and the end-credits wrapped, TV-land was left with very few options for good sci-fi.  If you could even call it that.

Skip to 1:12.  This song still makes me want to shoot a Cylon in the face.  Love it.

To illustrate, here are the first five “sci-fi” series since 2009 that pop into my head: Chuck, Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles, Kings, Fringe and Dollhouse.  Fringe is the only show that can lay claim to a spot on the Fall 2012 schedule and it’s only going to be 13 wrap up episodes to keep me from doing something insane with outrage.

Chuck was barely sci-fi, and mostly terrible.  Yet I watched the entire first season due to unemployment.  Terminator had its moments, but sort of forgot what it was supposed to be doing mid-second season and was terminated.  Kings was kinda cool, I gotta give it to NBC on this one.  I adore Ian McShane.  I would have stuck around for another season or two of that.

Cheers, mate.

Dollhouse made it to the ripe age of 27 episodes, but only held my interest for two of them.  I’m formulating an idea here.

These shows, save the one that is still on the air, were small-idea Sci-Fi.  Their scope was limited to the predicament of whatever zany phenomena or interpersonal conflict that was in the script for the week.  Sure, there was a big idea behind every one of them, but who cares, it never attempted development of said idea!  It was all: “Chuck’s gonna wear a tuxedo, learn Kung Fu from a computer AND get promoted to Best Buy manager!  Tune in!”

Fringe on the other hand managed to weave the characters into a big idea that was given legs and developed over several seasons.  The characters literally walk to other realities like it’s nothing, explore theories of “self” and consciousness through interaction with parallel universe dopplegangers and manages to present a love story that I can care about.

Battlestar Galactica proposed an entire mythos that ties directly into humanity’s origin story and did it well…with robots…in SPACE!.   Now THAT’S some quality sci-fi!

At best, I think the Sci-Fi genre needs to seek answers to the big questions, and not get too bogged down with  fantasy/supernatural as well as offer predictions of what life’s going to be like in the future, or what it could be.

Anything less should be cancelled, or left in a Hollywood notebook.

Now that Fringe is 13 hours away from completion sometime in 2013, what will be the next big-idea Sci-Fi show?  Is it Falling Sky?  I have the entire first season, but I’ve never made it through an episode without nodding out (admittedly, I’ve been watching them just before bed, so it’s not boredom zonking me out…I think.)

Maybe Incursion.  There’s not much to say about this series other than what Variety released  on Wednesday:

“Incursion” comes as part of Starz’s overall deal with “Spartacus” creator Steven S. DeKnight. Project, which is a sci-fi action-thriller that centers around soldiers battling an alien race on exotic planets, comes after the announcement that “Spartacus” will be shuttered following its upcoming third season. Decision to end the show was made by the pay cabler in tandem with DeKnight.

via Variety.

Good God Y’all

So i figure that for the fourth of july I’d just go ahead and go america, all over everybody’s ass (see it’s an alusion to the first season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  bonus points if you knew that before I told you.)

Good God is apparently the sequal to Good Dog which i have yet to watch.  Written by, directed by, and starring Ken Finkleman, neurotic old Canadian Jew that talks too fucking much.  The series is about a neurotic old Jews that talks too fucking much, big stretch I know.  In the tradition of neurotic old Jews that talk too fucking much such as Seinfeld, Laryy Sanders, Rodney Dangerfield, Woody Allen and a shitload of others too numerous to list comes a uniquely canadian spin on slice of life shit from a Canadian born in Winnipeg, a place so boring that he couldn’t even to slice of life from his own reality but had to invent one, from a man best known for his work on Airplane 2, we get a story about a self-centred and unsympathetic television producer, who has returned to television news as the new head of Right News, a conservative cable news channel, described in the series as “Fox North” by many of the characters.

Fans of The Daily Show might be interested to know that Sam Bee has a role in this one as an ultra-conservative Christian morning talk show host.  I, however, don’t give a fuck.

If I were to suggest one episode in particular I’d go with #7 S01E07 where our antihero of sorts decides to get fired and finds the perfect opportunity when told to “go big” on coverage of a cops funeral.  He gets a reasearcher and an editor together and tells them to put together a montage of vivid imagary including but not limited to:

  • the funeral parade,
  • Ugandan guys in sunglasses,
  • white cops in riot gear advancing,
  • Nazis,
  • the wife of the dead cop crying,
  • torture scenes,
  • African guys with spears and shields attacking white people,
  • anything Zulu,
  • cops firing tear gas,
  • Elton John playing candle in the wind (english rose),
  •  more epic violence,
  • Africans with machetes
  • hysteric looking,
  • non-christian,
  • cops with hands over their hearts,
  • burning cop cars,
  • various scenes from Triumph of the Will esp the one where they form the swastica with the marching with torches,
  • our cops boots contrasted with nazi marching boots,
  • any black guys taken down by cops,
  • the US flag burning,
  • Cops in uniform,
  • the beating of African drums,
  • Jesus on the cross,
  • cop cars careening,
  • cars crashing,
  • a giant cocaine bust.

Then, he ends the assignment with one of my new favorite phrases:

“And if you think you’re going over the top, keep going.”

Rangers beat Athletics 7-2

Your Texas Rangers(they’re a baseball team, cyan) won their game against the Oakland Athletics Saturday night.  Leading the entire league in number of wins and with a record 7 players headed to the All-Star Game, some people are finally giving them the credit they’ve deserved.

Now, I think we’re all going to like the new format here.  You see we hrer at ITT have decided to just sell out completely, wholesale.  Which is why, we’d like to remind you; that because the Rangers scored 7 runs last night, you can get 50 % off of your order from usigng coupon code RANGERS7.  Papa John’s, the official pizza of your Texas Rangers.

And in other news(i know who cares, right?):

This new show called

Hit and Miss

just aired their season 1  finale.  It’s a BBC show starring Chloë Sevigny,

who I would really really like to have sex with, even though she plays a preoperative male-to-female transsexual working as a hitman.  Does that make me like gay or something?  IDK

The story kicks off when she  gets a letter from a dead exlover explaining that she’d fathered a now 11 yo son. She finds that there is a place for her helping her kid, and his siblings, and decides to get involved.  What could go wrong?

it’s a drama not a comedy but i find it funnier and i laugh more often than i would at most comedies. there’s lots of violence and misery. i wish it had more sex and fire.

Weeds Pre-Air S08E01 IS OUT

WEDDS PREED at 08:24:03 on Friday 29 June 2012 

I just got home and was about to watch it but an unnmaed individual let’s call him/her c-money was pestering some0one about getting a post out today or whatever.  I’ll be masturbating to it sonner or later.  Just the usual network releasing the first episode a few days early to drum up a little more publicity.  Hey what do you know, it just worked.  that cliffhanger last season lecft me a bit uhb… sorry you guys i just hit the pizza buffet hard and am having a bit of a uh diabetic thinky not so fsat thing here.  whaddyacallit?  i don’t care.

edit: just watched and it is edited to take out all of the language so if hearing the word ‘fuck’ is so important you may want to wait.

also i learned about vaginal weights while watching so that’s a plus 

so there was sex and violence but no fire and the sex and violence were kind of sparse and tasteful.  bleh.

Richard O’Dwyer: Upholding Copyright or Maintaining Civil Liberties

“Hello Cyan.”

Copyright is an important institution, serving a beneficial moral and economic purpose. But that does not mean that copyright can or should be unlimited. It does not mean that we should abandon time-honoured moral and legal principles to allow endless encroachments on our civil liberties in the interests of the moguls of Hollywood.

– Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder

When not undressing me with his eyes, Jimmy Wales promotes Wikipedia and its causes.  You might have heard of this website  This week one of the causes front and center is 22-year old Richard O’Dwyer, a Sheffield resident who is being extradited to the U.S. for the crime of posting a link to a website.  Yeah, it’s getting that bad.  Tread lightly, people.  We’re in dangerous territory in which a multi-billion dollar industry is going to throw its weight around with the help of both the U.S. and U.K. to make an example out of a kid who hasn’t finished college.

A video interview with O’Dwyer can be seen here because WordPress is picky about its embedding.

Check out the links previous and if you choose civil liberties over copyright, sign this petition and maybe we can get some traction before you yourself wake up one day with a subpoena from Walt Disney Company to see your online activities.  You know what I’m talking about.

“You disgust me. Now get over here and kiss me.”