Be your own superhero.

Superhero movies are always popular and lately abundant.  And the question is so often asked, why?  Is it because we as humans so often feel powerless?  We often imagine God or some magical comic book character coming along to “save the day” as if there were simple answers to complex issues that dog us at every turn.  But, if we knew what life was worth we would seek our Heaven on Earth.  Most research into art effecting life has show that art reflects life, not the other way around.  At best, the arts can inspire individuals.

My siblings and I would often stare into the sky as children.  I can’t help but think that we were (and still are) like babies in a crib looking for someone to come along and lift us up out of our miserable existence.  *sigh* But, it has become apparent in the last 30 years or so that no one is coming to save us.  We must become our own superheroes.

I have composed here an incomplete list of films that point in that direction.  Experimenting with a simpler, less youtube based format here, fo the sake of all the clutter.  As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

These guys are vigilantes at worst, mildly misguided philanthropists at best.  If you’re a voyeur who actually glances at reality TV or even mentions celeb gossip in passing you are bound to enjoy this actually unscripted still interesting documentary.

How about that rape scene?  I mean srsly Juno, why you gotta rape Dwight so hard?  that’s just wrong.  If that gave me an erection, what does it say about me?

Deepest role I’ve ever seen Woody play.  Couldn’t stop laughing at this very serious film that delves into the way archetypes are used to redefine situations so that ppl can understand them better, and how much can be misinterpreted within that process.

Most asian films get an absurdly high rating on IMDB because their countrymen vot them up for patriotism.  This one actually deserves it.

Alter Egos
As does this one.

Best propaganda of the 20th century.

The Message
Best propaganda of the 21st century, so far.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Ai Weiwei is the motherfucking truth y’all.

Life of Pi
First half is way too preachy and up its own ass.  Secound half redeems.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Hushpuppy might be the greatest hero of them all.


Like sands in an hourglass! A blast from the past?


It’s been weeks since I’ve posted thanks to a busy summer schedule that included a move as well as a return to an old creative team that recently rediscovered how much fun writing together can be.  After nearly eight years of solitary tinkering with ideas and re-imagining the basic plot of a fun space-opera developed for wont of frat parties in college, most of the old crew have re-emerged from their life-travels with…experience!

You see, one of my writing partners from college had a short story published a few years back and I had been meaning to check it out, but if you knew how many moves, job changes and shadowfades I’ve accomplished in the last eight years, you’d begin to understand the backlog I’ve created.  It is staggering until you forget.  Thank the maker I sat down and read that short story back in May.  My enthusiasm for the story, which shared elements and nuances of the original work from back in the day, prompted me to get everyone back together for a weekend.  Within an hour of arrival, we knew we had something in the way of a re-write/reboot of the college space opera!

That weekend rekindled the passion for ideacraft that made everything seem possible and accessible back in those days.  Yes adulthood has been very much all about the pragmatic and I get it, but creativity and pragmatism are their own biggest competitor.  I’ve spent nearly the last decade honing my pragmatism to a “sufficiently practical” blade that manages to cut through most of the nonsense.  I think it’s about time new pragmatism meets old creativity and assist with some power-leveling.

Keep an eye out for more postings as summer wears itself out and my schedule re-settles.  Also, TV got real depressing didn’t it?  I mean, a whole televised event that goes on for millenia showcasing physical prowess to medal the best of the best on the planet at the most non-essential of tasks?  You couldn’t pay me to watch synchronized swimming, commercials, diving, ping pong, commercials, Guitar Hero, Luge, Hopscotch, spin-around-real-fast-and-throw-a-rock, or anything else shown on the [commercials] Olympics.  Olympic fever my ass!  Summer replacement shows are typically terrible, but every four years they get so much worse.

Check out Iron Sun Fiction Forge [commercial] on Facebook to get an idea of the writing group I mentioned!  Like us on Facebook or we will synchronize dive off of a Luge and perform some really beautifully choreographed pool dances!  

Hmm, that sounded way more bad-ass in my head.

Synchronized Swimming?  It is literally a Brittney Spears music video with water resistance.