Second MEP Response: Office of Paul Murphy

I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it.

I just received my second MEP response and I have to say it’s feeling a lot like the days leading up to the overthrow of SOPA.

Dear all,

Many thanks for your email concerning the ACTA agreement. Over the last few days, we received hundreds of emails expressing opposition to ACTA. This proves that there is a huge movement against ACTA and it is very positive that this opposition is so active…

[For full pdf click here.]

There’s a global pressure wave heading toward ACTA and only now are pro-ACTA forces starting to feel it as their offices are being flooded with dissent, as people start to give a shit and do something about it.  Yay.  It’s not over, of course and I may have popped the cork prematurely (so embarrassing, I know) but I’m content to wait until July.


Followup: Letter to and Response from MEP Amelia Andersdotter

Shadow Rapporteur – Best. Job. Ever.

I sent a boilerplate letter yesterday to all the EU MEPs involved with ACTA that I acquired thanks to []  Here is the response I got roughly 24 hours later.

Let me also mention that this EU politician can schmooz you way better than any US/Texas politician I’ve had communications with.  After all, she is a Shadow Rapporteur [and she’s behind me right now making me type all of this hel-…]

Thank you very much for your message. As rapporteur in the ITRE committee, I was able to convince my colleagues to follow my recommendation to reject ACTA in ITRE. I will continue to campaign for the European Parliament to assume its political responsibility to its citizens and reject ACTA, without first referring it to the European Court of Justice. Therefore, in my role as shadow rapporteur in the INTA committee, I will present the manifold objections to ACTA to the members of the committee before the vote, and ask them to vote in favour of MEP David Martin’s report. 

As all committees that have already voted on ACTA agree, ACTA is a threat to human rights, it cements an outdated copyright regime and privatises law enforcement. The intransparent negotiation process of ACTA must not be accepted by the European Parliament. 

I would like to give my thanks to you and all other activists who speak up against ACTA. Without the overwhelming protest from the internet and from the streets, ACTA would not have gotten the necessary attention to facilitate an honest debate about its ramifications. People like you who keep up the pressure against ACTA can not be thanked enough, as you don’t rely upon ACTA being defeated after the successful votes in ITRE, LIBE, JURI and DEVE. Only after ACTA’s rejection in the plenary on July 3 to 5 can we afford to celebrate.

Thank you very much for your support and keep up the good work,

MEP Amelia Andersdotter